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“In this path-breaking book, the authors present a new approach to democratic governance – what they call ‘directly representative democracy.’ Their approach is sure to change how scholars discuss democracy, and more practically, could change how democracy works. It may well be one of the most important books on democracy and representation in decades.”

James Druckman, Northwestern University


“A breakthrough book, conceptually and practically….it shows how the internet can connect groups of randomly-selected citizens to their congressional representatives for in-depth discussions of important policies. The new ideas about democracy advocated here, combined with the new institutions that the book demonstrates, are easy to implement and have the capacity to revolutionize representative government as we know it….A must-read for elected representatives, citizens, and theorists of democracy.”

Jane Mansbridge, Harvard Kennedy School


“This book is terrific: beautifully written, culturally relevant, and politically important…. The authors achieve a hard-earned degree of optimism about our republic that most Americans, members of Congress, and congressional staff are desperate for….a gift to the Congress and to the citizens of the United States.”

Bradford Fitch, President and CEO of the Congressional Management Foundation


“….The authors provide a potentially game-changing approach for reducing the polarization that paralyzes Washington. Well-written and meticulously researched, this book is a must-read for anyone interested in realistic and workable solutions to congressional dysfunction.”

Jason Altmire, Member of Congress (D-PA04, 2007–2013), Author, Dead Center: How Political Polarization Divided America and What We Can Do About It


“At last, a solution-driven, practical, researched approach to civil discourse about our government! How I wish this tool had been available when I served in Congress – it could finally change the tenor of our public debate and at last include citizens into congressional decision-making in a meaningful way. This process could begin to restore America’s trust in its government and representatives’ accountability to their constituents. Novel and long overdue.”

Deborah Pryce, Member of Congress (R-OH15, 1993-2009)


“Research like this is essential at a time when democracy around the world, as well as in this country, is facing serious challenges.”

David Mathews, President, Kettering Foundation

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